Ambitious in Orange

Outfit details: L'Agence blouse, Reiss trousers, Zara blazer, Prada shoes, Balenciaga bag, Hermés bangles, Lee Angel necklace

I wore this mostly monochromatic orange look on a day last week when it was still pretty cold. It was certainly too cold for this getup with my bare ankles and cutoout shoes.  Even if I was cold, wearing the bright colors made me happy.


Lessons Learned :: Topshop

As part of my online browsing and shopping, I came across this pink leather moto jacket for what was a relatively reasonable price for a leather coat. I added it to my virtual shopping cart and let it sit there for a few days. I eventually pulled the trigger and ordered the coat.

A couple days later, I got an email saying that I owed $100 in import duties.  Hmmm, the Topshop website doesn't make it clear that there would be additional charges.  When I called Topshop to ask about this, they stated that the charges are random and they have no control over them.  While I understand that, I don't understand why their website doesn't make it clear that there is a possibility of this happening.  I contacted the company that assesses the import charges to ask if they would be refunded should I decide to return what I ordered.  I considered paying the import charges but since the import charges are non-refundable, I didn't pay them and refused the package.  At this point, the package is on its way back to Topshop and they'll eventually refund me for what I ordered.

The lesson for me is that the next time I consider ordering from Topshop or any other online shop that is not located in the US, I'll do some detailed research before I place an order. In this instance, I didn't want to take the chance of losing $100 if the coat didn't fit.  



Color is Back

Outfit details: Equipment blouse, Reiss trousers, Sara Campbell coat (old), Chanel shoes, Fendi bag, Hermés belt

This godawful winter has been never ending.  I'm sick of talking about it but I'm more sick of living it. On the positive side, there were a few days last week where I could forgo my heavier coats and opt for this green coat with the leopard collar. I dug it out of the back of my closet and paired it with another pop of color with this coral Fendi bag. I'm happy to report that I'm escaping Boston for a few days to hang out in Charleston. It's supposed to be rainy but at least it won't be cold.


Shoes as Art

I saw the most beautiful shoes in the Bergdorf Goodman magazine I received a couple of days ago.  They were by Christian Dior and to me, they were works of art.

The pair I'm hunting down is beautiful and sculptural like these but in a beige and black color combo.


Classic Skirt

Outfit details: Smythe blazer (similar style on sale here), H&M blouse (ages old), Christian Siriano skirt, Hue tights (cute dot pair here), Chanel shoes, Alexander McQueen bag, Chanel pin, Hermés bangles, Moschino belt

This is the first time I've worn my fabulous new Christian Siriano skirt.  When he was at Neiman Marcus in Boston in December for a trunk show, I saw what I thought was this skirt. It turned out to actually be a dress but he was kind enough to make this skirt just for me.  I wish you could feel the weight of the fabric or see the detailing in the shape of the skirt. It's beautifully made and I love the way it fits.  This is a classic skirt that will be in my closet for years. I also had the chance to again wear this Smythe blazer that I got for a song a few weeks ago at the Viola Lovely sale (post here).

Happy hump day all!