The Maniac

For quite some time I've had my eye on these Brian Atwood Maniac pumps.  Six inch heels, one and a half inch platform....they are fierce!  First I thought I wanted them in nude but now as we get closer to fall I'm thinking black.  Do I have a death wish?  How high is too high?  And don't forget on top of teetering around on very high heels, I have Boston's brick and cobblestone sidewalks to navigate.  Death wish?  Maybe.  But at least I'll look good dying!

This past weekend I visited one of my very favorite people...Monica who works at Saks and sells me most of my shoes.  She had a pair of the uber-fantastical Atwoods.  I tried them on and they really didn't seem THAT high or treacherous.  However she also had several other similar pairs of shoes awaiting my arrival.  I ended up with these Louboutins.  Not quite as crazy as the maniac, but with 5 inch heels, not quite tame either. 

Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump in black patent calf


OPI Gel Nails

Weekly manicures have been the bane of my existence.  I am forever cursed with weak, peeling nails that cause my manicures to chip within a day or two.  Today I finally tried the OPI soak off gels at Lisa's nails on Newbury Street.  The manicure itself takes longer but the drying time is lightning fast.  The variety of colors was better than I had expected and several of my favorites were available; Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow, Russian Navy, OPI Ink and my choice for the day You Don't Know Jacques. 

Here are pics of day one:

It should last about two weeks and cost $32.  In my opinion well worth the price if it does last that long.


Bananas for Rachel Zoe

I must admit, I love Rachel Zoe and I'm a firm believer in her pile it on mentality.  On one of my nights of insomnia, I had the thrill of catching her on QVC.  Sadly I didn't make it through her whole two hour stint and by the time I woke up much of what she was selling was already gone, but I did have the shopportunity to pick up one of her fabulous rings.  Or as an ode to her, three versions of one of her fabulous rings.

Turquoise enamel with amber stones (worn with my fabulous starfish cuff from Sequin in Palm Beach)

White enamel with black stones and clear center stone (worn with Kenneth Jay Lane cuff purchased at Elisha Daniels in Boston)

And lastly, black enamel with clear center stone and pink stones


Slate grey nails and mint green toes

Check out my new favorite nail polishes.  Illamasqua sold at Sephora has all these fantastic colors.  I bought a mint green (called Milf) and a slate grey (called DWS).

My grey nails above...

Grey nails and mint toes.


My newest baubles

On a recent trip to NYC I happened upon East 9th street between 1st and 2nd.  The destination was a lunch place for Japanese noodles but the cabbie dropped us a block away from where we meant to go.  So on the jaunt to lunch I spied several fabulous vintage/consignment shops.  My favorite of which was Cadillac's Castle.  It's got a mix of new/overstock and used/consignment and the stuff is organized and labelled in such a way that you don't have to pick through a bunch of stuff.  I bought three fabulous rings there.  The first of which is a fun pewter metal chain ring for ~$15.

 The next rings are two really fun lucite rings; one is clear with a silver undertone and the other is a purplish color with gold.

One of the other fabulous spots for fun jewels is Spring Street in Soho.  I was on the hunt for another leather bracelet with rhinestones and/or studs.  I  bought one months ago for $20 but now all the street vendors have hiked the prices up to closer to $40-45 which I refused to pay.  But I found this lovely woman on West Broadway just south of Spring who sold me both of these fabulous bracelets for $40 total.  And since I'm a firm believer in pile it on, I like to wear them both together!

That's it for my latest jewelry shopping expedition.

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