Polka dots to brighten a dreary day

H&M dot ruffle neck top, black ruffle sleeve cardigan from Kate Spade, Banana Republic 5 pocket legging, Chanel flats

If there is one thing you can count on in Boston, it's that you can never count on the weather.  Even though it is still officially summer, it certainly felt like a fall day today.  It was grey and dreary and in that vain, I dressed accordingly.  But just because the weather brings me down, doesn't mean my outfit has to.  Even an all black and tan outfit can add a bit of whimsy with some polka dots and ruffles!


Fall Trends

Hot or not?

There seems to be several versions of the high heeled hiking bootie as seen here.

Tory Burch Halima

I must say this look to me is reminiscent of the high heeled sneakers we saw a few years ago.  What inspires one to design such shoes and what about this shoe entices buyers to buy it?  This is a trend that I just don't get.

But the electric blue Mulberry booties I spied at netaporter, I would totally rock them.

Mulberry Postman's Lock leather boots

Now the kitten heel is back and this is something I can get into.  Don't get me wrong, my wardrobe of stilettos will not sit idle but a kitten heel every now and again is something I'm thrilled to mix in.  (like the leopard Jimmy Choos seen below).

Leopard print pony hair Jimmy Choo pumps available at Saks


Ode to summer

There is almost nothing better this time of year than fresh, local tomatoes in all varieties.  I can eat them every day for every meal.  Tomato sandwiches, salads, with mozzarella or even plain with just a touch of salt.

I buy mine on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Copley Square farmers market and I always buy way too many because who can resist all the gorgeous shapes and colors?!


The in between....

We're starting to get that weird in between weather where it's still summer in the direct sunlight but come early morn, evening or a spot of shade and there's a chill in the air.  Welcome to New England.  The dilemma is, what to wear??

Here's tonight's answer for a casual dinner in the 'hood.

Fabulous pink suede Miu Miu flats with rhinestones bought in Florence ages ago which have hardly seen the light of day

My trusty black Chanel bag purchased for myself on my 35th birthday

New Kate Spade starlight dinah jacket, H&M grey T and KJL necklace purchased at Elisha Daniels


Happy birthday Coco Chanel - August 19

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Gabrielle Coco Chanel.   Pioneer.  Entrepreneur.  Style Icon.  Women the world over still celebrate you every day.

My own homage to Chanel

I celebrate you with every pearl I wear, handbag I carry and unconventional fashion choice I make.  You are my inspiration.