Currently Coveting :: Brooks Brothers

As I mentioned last week (video here), I attended an event at Brooks Brothers to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Brooks Brothers holds this event in Boston every year where they donate a portion of the proceeds of all sales to the BCRF. I generally don't find the clothes at Brooks Brothers to be my personal style however I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised at several of the items that I saw in the store. There were still all of the quintessential Brooks Brothers items, but the smattering of things that suited my taste was a lovely change. Of course, the things I liked sell for a higher price point than the standard!

I love the classic simplicity of this camel top.  I like it with the matching skirt but I also think it would look lovely with a pair of grey trousers. And this is the perfect canvas for some bold statement jewelry. 

This is the kind of top that I could get quite a lot of use out of. There is so much that is special about this from the metallic jacquard fabric to the elbow length bell sleeves. 

Talk about a coat worth getting through the winter in; the floral jacquard fabric, removable fur collar and the cocoon shape all are calling my name!

The picture of this muted leopard coat doesn't do its craftmanship justice. The seaming detail in the back defines the body in the best way.

And lastly is this leather shift dress in navy. This is the kind of dress that can carry you through the better part of the year (except the really hot summer months). Wear it now with tights and boots or with sandals and bare legs once it's warm again.

So what do you think of what Brooks Brothers has to offer? 




Saks Key to the Cure

This past Thursday evening, Saks hosted its annual Key to the Cure Event which is an event in support of Dana Farber women's cancers. The event had a fashion presentation of a number of looks styled by various local stylish Bostonians. As you likely know, my best friend is a breast cancer survivor and she was one of the stylists of the event. 

This was one of my favorite looks.  The dress and bag were Chloé and the boots were Chanel. I love how the Chloé dress has a boho vibe, but in what I think is a do-able way (I'd totally wear this!). 

I'm usually mostly at peace with my body and what I can and cannot wear. Except that is, every time I lay eyes on a Balmain blazer like this one in leather (or this one). 

The structured shape of this jacket is what really got me. I love it paired over a fit and flare dress but it would be equally fabulous with a pair of slim cigarette trousers.

I find the layering is what makes this outfit the most interesting. And the Givenchy military jacket adds an extra oomph. 

And leave it to Elisha to bring the bold colors to life with a pink feather embellished Pucci dress (it is breast cancer awareness month after all) boldly paired with royal blue Roger Vivier shoes and clutch.

Which is your favorite look?


Sunday Supper -- Spicy Soba Noodles with Broccolini and Steak

Sundays are my days for cooking.  Usually something healthy that I can eat through the rest of the week.  This go around, I spied some grass fed flat iron steaks at the market. I'm a fan of the flat iron cut. It can be tougher than some other cuts but it's also chock full of flavor. I find if you cook it right and cut it against the grain, there's no toughness. 

Here's what I did. For the steak, I seasoned it with Kosher sald and fresh ground pepper and let it sit out until it came to room temperature. Once it did, I cooked it in a searing hot pan with a wee bit of olive oil. How long you cook it is up to you. I like my steak medium rare so I cooked it about 3-4 minutes on each side. Then I let it rest before slicing it against the grain.

For the noodles and veggies, I first blanched the broccolini in salted water then ran cold water over them after drained to stop the cooking. I then sauteed in some olive oil (actually to tell the truth, I had also cooked up some chicken thighs to have for the week so I cooked the broc in the same pan so as not to let all those fine pan drippings go to waste). 

I cooked the soba noodles according to package directions (about 6 minutes) and then tossed them with the veggies, fresh cilantro and a sauce of canola oil, sriracha, chili flakes, rice vinegar and sioy sauce. I served it up with the sliced steak atop the noodles. Delish!



Life Lessons from Ken Downing

This past Friday Neiman Marcus hosted a spring trend fashion show by Neiman's Fashion Director Ken Downing. I stole away from work for a long lunch to be fed by fashion instead of food; It was the way I wish to spend every Friday afternoon from here on out. 

Which brings me to lesson #1. Eat one Chipotle burrito a day. That's it. That's his diet he told us when he heard one of us gasp that we were never eating again.

Lesson #2 - Gucci reigns supreme (and so does Chanel and Valentino). Who can blame the guy? I too am enamored with Gucci's recent collection by Alessandro Michele. And you know I'm always down with some Chanel and Valentino. It's my trifecta of choice.

Lesson #3 - Layer like a pro. Tunics over skirts. Dresses over wide leg trousers. Add a jacket tossed with abandon over the shoulders. Do try this at home. But remember, proportion is key.

Lesson #4 - Mix high and low. Be inspired by what you see, not by the label inside. Alice+Olivia with Chanel. Co with Michael Kors. Add a Tory Burch bag with anything. 


Lesson # 5 - More is more (and less is a bore). Pile on the pearls. Wear lurex all day. Mix prints.  Wear day for night and night for day. Be bold!

As for my personal takeaways; Pile on the pearls. Layer dresses over trousers. Be bold with prints. Have fun with fashion!!



Back from Bermuda & Where I've Been!

You've probably been wondering where I've been (or maybe you haven't!)... but either way.  I've been in Bermuda for the last few days and here are some photos from my trip. I forgot how spectacularly beautiful an island it is. As for where I've been before that, I'm still here but have been posting more videos on my Youtube channel so this site has been a bit neglected. I'll try to get here a bit more often but if you miss me, I usually post a video a week here

This was the view of one of the pools from our fabulous suite at Rosewood Tucker's Point.

Infinity pool at the Tucker's Point Beach Club

Me on the beach at the Tucker's Point Beach Club

Tucker's Point Beach Club

View of the sunrise from our room

Me out for dinner one night

I loved this painting at the Hamilton Princess

Colorful Hamilton