SOLD Shop My Closet - Lanvin Ballet Flats


Lanvin leather ballet flats in turquoise

Barely worn (less than 5 times)

Size 40.5 (though don't let the size fool you, they fit like a size 9)

Email me at if interested.

Sold new for $500 but can be yours for $225


Outfit Redux

Sometimes taking daily photos of what one wears brings to light patterns from day to day.

Brooks Brothers shirt, J Crew cafe capri trousers, Stewart Weitzman shoes, Chanel and J Crew necklaces

One day this week I wore a mustard color pair of J Crew cafe capri trousers with a basic Brooks Brothers button down. 

Zara jacket, Stella McCartney bag

Zara is really the best for jackets, especially their Chanel inspired ones such as this.  I have several and this one is from years ago but for me it's a staple.

Equipement blouse, J Crew cafe capri trousers, Valentino shoes, Zara coat, Miu Miu bag, J Crew neckace, Hermes scarf and belt

Then without realizing it, a couple of days later, the same pattern emerged.  Button down blouse (this one by Equipment), J Crew cafe capri trousers and another Zara jacket.  I really love these trousers though I am wondering how I'll work them into my winter wardrobe when it's too cold for bare ankles.  Ideas anyone?  I especially die over the color and texture in this pair.


Hidden Gems - Guest Post

Check me out today on the Hidden Gems blog here.




London Eats - Tom's Kitchen

You've seen quite a bit from my quick jaunt to Paris but nothing of my hop over to London.  That's mostly because London was family time spent with my brother, sister in law and gorgeous little neices.  But we did have a little dinner party to celebrate my brother's 40th birthday at a wonderful restaurant in Chelsea called Tom's Kitchen

I had this delicious chicken schnitzel atop lovely roast tomatoes and pine nuts.

Sis in law had the papardelle with roast butternut squash.

Sis had the open face steak sandwich with watercress, tomatoes, shallots and garlic.

The birthday boy had the special beef and guinness pie. 

And finally, the birthday baked Alaska for dessert.  It's something I rarely see on any menu likely because it is quite a feat to prepare.  This baked Alaska had a first layer of panettone, then vanilla ice cream topped with meringue.  It's unbelievable how the meringue is cooked, the panettone warm but the ice cream stays frozen, even after being flambeed! 



Ann Taylor chambray top, Current/Elliott cheetah jeans, Chanel flats, Stella McCartney bag

Sunday I was home most of the day trying to nurse myself back to health from a cold.  I did take time for a quick jaunt out for a few errands which I was thankful for since it was a beautiful day.  I finally decided to take these Current/elliott cheetah jeans for a spin that I got with a Bergdorf giftcard that had been burning a hole in my pocket.

Jennifer Chun coat

 I doubled down on the denim with this Jennifer Chun coat.  You might remember her from one of the Louis Exposure events back in June and now Louis Boston is going to begin carrying her line which I am thrilled about.  Also, the folks at Lucky Magazine were savvy enough to feature her in November's issue.  Check it out here