I'm having a tough week with all of life's pressures and I had a bit of a meltdown.  It happens to all of us  and those things I can't control, I'll live with and those that I can, I'll work to make better.  But having said that fashion is an escape for me and a means of perking up.  This past weekend, my mom and I watched the Bill Cunningham New York movie.  I had seen it when it was in the theater and even on the second viewing, I found myself smiling throughout.  Bill Cunningham said it best when he said "fashion is the armor to survive the reality of every day life".  For me, words could not be more true. 

Outfit details: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent top, Banana Republic trousers, Valentino shoes, Miu Miu bag, Milly jacket, Chanel pin, Hermes bangle

A bright pop of color always lifts me up and even though I wore a lot of black, the bright green was just what I needed.  I love this Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent blouse for the detachable fringe scarf and its assymetric hem.  I bought it last weekend from a darling boutique on Newbury Street called Dress (and by the way they currently have 15% off of EVERYTHING).  Dress carries lots of great designers like Equipment, ADAM, Tucker to name just a few. 

Oh blog reader, does fashion bring you out of a funk too? 



Outfit details: J Crew sweater and skirt, Equipment blouse, Me Too booties, Celine bag, Hermes scarf, J Crew necklace, DKNY tights, Tahari coat

The day I wore this outfit, I just got dressed like any other day.  I had forgotten that I had this orange cashmere J Crew sweater in my closet and decided to double down on the orange with the J Crew pencil skirt.  I was going about my daily life and received several comments on how bright I was.  I thought to myself how this is just what I wear;  somedays it's all neutrals and others I overdose on color.

I love layering with an Equipment blouse, especially a sheer one like this.  They are perfect for those sweaters and jackets with sleeves that are less than full length.  I topped it all with a navy Tahari jacket with ruffle details.


J Crew Cardigan on Repeat

Outfit details: J Crew cardigan (get it here), Zara trousers, Zara shoes (find them here), Hermes belt, Stella McCartney bag (get it here), Chanel and J Crew necklaces, Zara jacket (old)

I can't get enough of this J Crew cardigan and I love it paired with these red Zara trousers from last spring.  Plus the black and tan of the sweater pairs perfectly with these cap toe Zara shoes.

And to follow up on my recent post on the Tom Ford lipsticks (here) this is the nude vanile on (you can get it here). 


Weekend Tidbits

Beautiful yellow spray roses to brighten up my place.

And since there were so many pretty flowers to choose from, I also got these bright pink peonies.

After seven months, my Chanel charm bracelet is finally back in its rightful home.  It needed some sprucing up and apparently finding "parts" for it took the Chanel store longer than it would take to fix a fancy foreign car.

I got some new baubles from Elisha's shop; a darling necklace with fleur de lys and Eiffel Tower charms plus a few strands of kidney shaped pearls.

And the best part of my weekend was having my mom in town for a very fun visit!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends!


Purple Pop

 Outfit details: J Crew cashmere turtleneck, Milly jacket (similar here), Ann Taylor trousers, Prada shoes, Stella McCartney bag (get it here), Hermes scarf

When J Crew was having its friends and family, I stocked up on all sorts of sweaters.  But I especially like to take advantage of cashmere from J Crew when on sale.  Their cashmere is a good weight, super soft and doesn't really pill.  Plus this purple/magenta color is right up my alley.  Yes, I tempered it a bit with the textured Milly jacket but you will see it again in all it's bright purple glory.  Happy Friday all!