Frumpy and Fabulous?

Tucker for Target dress, J Crew belt, Miu Miu oxfords, Balenciaga bag, Aris Geldis necklace

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel frumpy?  I woke up this past Sunday morning feeling that way and even though I've worn this Tucker for Target dress numerous times before and liked how it looked on me, this time, nothing was right.  This wasn't at all about me not liking the dress; I was just having one of those moments where I liked nothing on me.  We all have them, right?  Anyway, I went about my daily errands which included a quick Greek salad at Cafe Jaffa where the waitress could not have been nicer to me.  She was so smiley, checked on me regularly and at the end of my meal when she presented me with my check, she asked me where I worked that I get to dress so fabulous.  It was Sunday so I certainly wasn't dressed for work and I certainly didn't feel fabulous.  And then she said again "you ARE fabulous".  It really brightened my day. 


Ombre (and sunsets)

RED Valentino dress, Valentino shoes, Chanel necklace and ring, Hermes bangle

I had a soiree to go to one night last week after work and thought this dress was the perfect balance of work appropriate yet still fun for a celebratory night out.

Reiss blazer, Celine bag, Hermes scarf

When I bought this dress last summer I LOVED It.  This type of shape with a blousy top and more fitted skirt is good for my body type and I love the gradients of orange in the ombre.  Doesn't the way the orange fades remind you of the sunset I posted yesterday (here)?  I was so pleased to have found it in my closet.


Weekend Tidbits

Sunset and the Boston skyline from Hingham Yacht ClubView of the moon from Hingham Yacht Club

This weekend was atypical for me.  I rarely leave my little radius in the South End and Back Bay but Friday after work I zipped down to Hingham to spend the evening with a friend.  We started off our evening sipping wine and nibbling on cheese and crackers at the Hingham Yacht Club.  The sunset with the view of Boston's skyline was so beautiful.  And at the same time when I looked in the other direction, there was the moon.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect summer night. 

Tara Jarmon dress, Miu Miu shoes

Saturday night I was back to Boston but I did venture a wee bit out of my 'hood.  A couple of friends and I found our way to No. 9 Park in Beacon Hill.  I used to make more regular appearances there but it's literally been years since my last visit.  Remind me not to wait so long to go back (I had potato tortelloni with lobster, corn butter and scallions and poussin with cipollini onions; both delicious). 

Elisha Daniels necklace, Longchamp bag, Hermes bangle

Despite the warm, sunny, summer weather, I wasn't feeling my summer clothes.  So I wore this black Tara Jarmon dress that I bought years ago on sale.  It's so well made and such a classic dress, but since I'm not one to keep it simple I wore my fave Miu Miu sandals and a chunky multi strand pearl necklace.




Repeat Repeat

Zara top and blazer, Ann Taylor skirt, Valentino shoes, Celine bag, Hermes scarf

It's funny how I get on a kick and don't realize it until several days of wearing something so similar.  This week's kick was twofold. First, I wore some version or other of this blazer several times over the last few days (here and here).  The blazer for me has been the new cardigan.  My office is usually freezing so I need something and that something used to be a cardigan.  Lately, the blazer wins out every time.

Second, I wore these Valentino shoes almost every day.  As the lovely LCT commented "Those Valentinos are a great score. They're the new classics!!!" And they really are for me.  The color makes them so versatile, the little kitten heel gives me a break from my normal 4+ inchers and the studs give them that extra special something.

J Crew belt, Chanel ring



Stripes (and the Zara blazer again)

Zara jacket, Ann Taylor top and pants, Chanel flats

It dawned on me that this is another Zara blazer (similar to the red one I wore here and similar to the one I actually wore today to be in another post soon).  I've been shopping at Zara for years.  I used to shop there in Manhattan before they found their way to Boston and while I have luck buying so many things there, the one thing that seems to grab my eye the most is their jackets.  So it should be no suprise that I've worn some version of the Zara blazer for the last few days in a row.  Here I wore it with a new pair of Ann Taylor trousers which I bought in both black and navy (see them in more detail here).  My picture of these trousers doesn't do them justice but they have the right amount of stretch with a zipper detail near the inner ankle. 

Ann Taylor Top, J Crew necklace

I also must give props to this J Crew necklace that I got on sale recently.  I really just liked the way it looked but on my trip to NYC this weekend, one of the sales people at Barney's commented on it and thought it was Lanvin.  It does look quite like the Lanvin brass and crystal jewelry but for a small fraction of  the price.