Sunday Supper - Veal Milanese

I was rummaging around in my freezer and happened upon a bunch of meat that my friend had given to me.  She was moving across the country to Colorado and didn't want her meats from the Houde Family Farm in Vermont to go to waste.  Lucky for me, I was the beneficiary of some ground pork (that I'll use sometime soon to make a ragu for pasta), lamb shanks and veal cutlets. 


I  seasoned the cutlets with salt and pepper then dredged them in flour, eggs and panko bread crumbs sprinkled with pecorino romano cheese.  Once they were all breaded, I put them on a baking sheet and refrigerated them for about an hour.  I've never refrigerated the breaded cutlets before but Anne Burrell was making chicken milanese on Food TV yesterday and that's what she said to do, so I thought I'd try it.

I heated olive oil and a wee bit of butter and then cooked the cutlets up.  Once cooked, I let them sit on a plate with a paper towel to drain a bit of the oil.

While the other cutlets were cooking, I kept the rest of the cooked ones warm in the oven.

My normal inclination would be to make some pasta or orzo to go along with the veal, but since I'm trying to smack down after last week's food and wine filled vacation, instead I made a salad of butter lettuce, zucchini, squash and hearts of palm.


In My Bag

I'm back from Nantucket and reality is setting in so it's only appropriate that I start planning my fall wardrobe.  J Crew has so many great things for fall and here's what's in my virtual J Crew shopping cart.

No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge wool

I love this pencil skirt and in fact have a very similar one from last year in fuchsia.  The fit works for me and this flame color is right up my alley!

New café capri in wool

These cafe' capris can be worn so many different ways and I really want them in fuchsia.  Online they don't have my size but the baked citron color is just as fabulous and perfect for fall.

Biella patent loafers

I am thinking I could wear these nude patent loafers to death in lieu of ballet flats for a change.  They also have a gorgeous teal green version that is the kind of green that could be a great neutral.

Darlington satchel

The Darlington satchel is a great everyday bag and comes in a gorgeous indigo blue.  At under $300, it's a steal.

What's in your fall shopping bag?



Nantucket Blues

Adam dress, YSL clutch, Miu Miu shoes

For me, a vacation isn't complete without a bit of shopping and this lovely turquoise Adam dress from a little shop in Nantucket was just right.  I wore it out to my favorite meal of the weekend at Ventuno which took over the old 21 Federal space.  The space looks almost exactly the same but the menu is all Italian now (think cured meats and homemade pastas).  It was delicious!

Elisha Daniels necklace, Terry Ross ring, YSL clutch

As my Nantucket venture draws to a close I would be remiss not to fill you in on the lovely place my girlfriends and I stay each year.  It's called the Veranda House and it is so charming and beautiful.

Here's the room where I've spent the last several nights. 

This was the view from my room.

I wiled away many hours in the front yard with magazines and my kindle.

So now you can see why I've got the Nantucket blues as I'm on my last day here.  Some vacations I leave feeling ready to go home, but this vacation, I would so like to have another couple of days of nothing but basking in Nantucket's sun, reading my little heart out and having the biggest decisions of the day being where to eat or what beach to go to.



Sheer Bliss

Coming to you again from Nantucket where I'm blissfully ignorant to what is happening at home or at work.  My girlfriends and I keep joking how lovely it is that the major decisions are where to eat and what to wear.  Here are some more shots of the beauty that is Nantucket.

The island is covered in gorgeous hydrangea in all shapes and colors.

The White Elephant is a great spot to sit outside for a casual lunch or dinner. 

The White Elephant even has its own little Nantucket basket Smartcar.  How adorable is this?

Here's how lunch began.

And here's how it ended! 


My Shoe Closet - the Colors

Here's the second post in my shoe closet series (first one here). 

These navy patent Chanel shoes floated about my dreams for quite some time.  I love the gold quilting on the heel and the criss cross straps at the front.  So imagine how lucky I felt when my shoe gal from Saks emailed to tell me about an upcoming sale and that these were actually included in the sale (it's rare that anything Chanel is ever part of the sales).  How could I not snap them up?

These gorgeous candy apple red Nicholas Kirkwoods were front and center when I got off the escalator at Barney's one fateful day.  Was I in the market for another red shoe?  Nope.  But the color and the shape sucked me in.

The marigold yellow suede of these YSL's is super fab for summer as is the gold flecked cork platform.  Are these easy to prance about town in?  No.  Does that matter?  No!

This is the quintessential Valentino shoe with the big bow and I love the pewter color.  It was another lucky score on sale at Saks thanks to my trusty shoe gal.

This pair of burgundy colored patent Miu Mius are fabulous on so many levels.  The platform, the bow, the curve of the heel. These are a new as of yet unworn addition to my shoe closet. 

So that's it for installment two of my shoe-mania.  Definitely stay tuned for more to come!