Ann Taylor chambray top, Current/Elliott cheetah jeans, Chanel flats, Stella McCartney bag

Sunday I was home most of the day trying to nurse myself back to health from a cold.  I did take time for a quick jaunt out for a few errands which I was thankful for since it was a beautiful day.  I finally decided to take these Current/elliott cheetah jeans for a spin that I got with a Bergdorf giftcard that had been burning a hole in my pocket.

Jennifer Chun coat

 I doubled down on the denim with this Jennifer Chun coat.  You might remember her from one of the Louis Exposure events back in June and now Louis Boston is going to begin carrying her line which I am thrilled about.  Also, the folks at Lucky Magazine were savvy enough to feature her in November's issue.  Check it out here


Black is the New Black

Ann Taylor sweater, BCBG faux leather leggings, Christian Louboutin booties, Lady Dior bag, St. John necklace, Hermes bangle

I had a day of beauty Saturday and this photo was pre hair salon, thus the hair worn back which I rarely do.  I wore an Ann Taylor sweater dress that I've had for ages over BCBG faux leather leggings with a pair of Christian Louboutin booties that I got for a steal (one third of their original price) a bit back.

St. John jacket

It was one of those days where it was quite cold in the morning, warmed up a bit for the day and got cold again in the evening.  Since I was going straight from hair to dinner, I wore medium weight layers which was perfect for the weather.  The topper is this super fun St. John knit jacket and I just love the fringe. 

And here is the obligatory close-up of the fab shoes!


Orange and Black

Theory cardigan, Banana Republic blouse, J Crew pencil skirt, Zara heels

Last week I realized I hadn't yet worn this J Crew pencil skirt in orange.  The trouble with orange is that inevitably I want to pair it with black but I worry that I'll look too Halloween-y.  I think done this way with a nude fishnet pair of tights and black and tan Zara shoes lightens it up a bit.  What say you, blog reader?

Zara jacket, Chanel pin, Miu Miu bag, Hermes scarf

I topped it all off with a leather sleeved Zara coat which has been perfect for the fall into winter weather we've been having. 



I'm so excited that my post The Highs and Lows of Blogging was chosen for this week's links a la mode.  Thank you to all the blog readers who commented and emailed me with your support.  It was much appreciated and is the perfect example of the "highs" of blogging. 

Getting Spooky

Edited by Taylor Davies

As style bloggers, we relish the daily task of getting dressed. It's kind of our thing, right? Once a year though, everybody gets in on the fun - and then takes it to a whole other level. Of course I'm talking about Halloween. That crazy holiday that causes adults to act like children and children to dress up like adults. As a 20-something, Halloween can be a far cry from the trick-or-treating days of our youth - but one element will always stay with me: we get to pretend to be someone else. Instead of dressing to best express who we really are, we get to dress to appear to be someone completely different.

This week's Links a la Mode features posts from our community about amazing Halloween costumes and inspiration, DIY projects and even a little life lesson or five from The Nanny named Fran.




Winterwear at Shopbop: Smythe, Add Down, Sweater Dresses, Puffer Jackets, Mackage, Mittens, Hats, Doma jackets, Scarves, Tights, Boots, Uggs, & Hunter boots.


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Paris Photo Diary Part 3 - Good Eats

Our first night in Paris, my sister and I were jetlagged and utterly exhausted.  Despite grand plans of going out for a multi-course dinner, we just couldn't muster up the energy.  Instead we went to a little bistro in the Latin Quarter near our hotel called Restaurant Perraudin.  I started my meal with the goat cheese profiteroles which in my opinion is a genius idea for an appetizer.  It was deliciously decadent and I don't know why more menus don't have this little gem.  My sister and I each ordered the entrecote steak with garlic butter cooked rare.  I'm not sure if it was the language barrier, but I think the only two choices we had were rare or medium, which by the way suits me just fine.  I like my meat rare (and always think of the Moonstruck quote where Cher says to Nicholas Cage "you'll eat it bloody to feed your blood").  I thought it was cooked perfectly red but warm in the center though my sister claimed that the steak was "dragged through a warm kitchen".  Anyway, the steak, salad and frites were perfect for our first dinner out in Paris. 

While we were out exploring the vintage shops near the Jardine du Palais Royale, we decided we needed some sustenance and thanks to a quick search we were led to the Hip Paris Blog.  If you haven't visited, it's a fabulous blog and helped us to narrow down our options.  We ended up deciding that we'd grab some Japanese noodles at Kunitoraya and we were very pleased with our choice.  Sis got the noodles with tempura shrimp. 

I got a version of noodles with tempura shrimp and veggies that was a wee bit different.  They brought me out four plates; one with noodles, one with tempura, one with a sauce and the other with herbs and spices.  I was thankful they told me what I was supposed to do with all these plates because I would have been confusted without explanation but I must say my lunch was delicious.  All the herbs and the little egg went in the sauce which I then dipped my noodles and tempura in. 

I think it's true when people say, you really can't go wrong anywhere in Paris.  I'm ready to go back again!