Coming Clean with Celine

Yes folks, you've seen it here and here.  This girl in Boston bought herself the Celine luggage tote and just didn't give it the appropriate fanfare here on the blog.

This classic and lovely beauty of a bag has been in my mind for awhile but I also had my eye on several other bags.  I had given thought to buying myself the Alexander Wang rocco bag but on a lap around my local Barney's, it just didn't compare to this pebbled leather tote by Celine.  It's the perfect size to use as an every day bag but also great for travel as it fits a camera, laptop, kindle and all the other necesseties. 

I hope you love it as much as I do since you'll be seeing it quite a lot!



Weekend at the Mondrian

This weekend I had the privelege of jaunting to NYC with two of my lovely local Boston bloggers and friends, Lani of Mon Petit Chou Chou and Naina of Style'n.  I make frequent trips to NYC and usually stay with my sister but on this trip the ladies and I stayed at the Mondrian in SoHo which was super fabulous.

 The entryway to the Mondrian


The lobby scattered with periwinkle chairs for lounging


Bouquets of white roses everywhere


Fab bar area with communal table and shiny gold banquettes


Gorgeous chandelier

After checking into the hotel we grabbed a cab up to Fred's at Barney's for lunch followed by browsing all sorts of fashion eye candy at Barney's.   Next was a walk up to the new Milly Store on the Upper East Side where we all walked away with some fantastic finds.

Each dressing room was designed differently and mine was covered in wallpaper paying tribute to New York and Paris. 

Milly biella wool tweed capelet

I love how Milly is young and fresh with lots of whimsy while maintaining a level of maturity.  Each piece has something special; a unique pattern, a bold and detailed button.  This tweed capelet has it all.

Milly ruby double-weave peacoat

My other purchase from the Milly boutique was this bright red double-weave peacoat which I love for its color and the gold buttons.  I must also give a shoutout to the oh so helpful salesgals at the Milly shop who couldn't have been nicer.

It was the perfect weekend with some great ladies (we also had the pleasure of meeting up with Anne of Ritournelle for dinner) and much overindulgence in food and wine.  I hope you all had a great weekend too!



Equipment blouse, Zara skirt, Valentino shoes

This past Sunday, I decided to get out of dodge and zip on down to the Nordstrom's at the South Shore Plaza.  I have a tendency to stay within a small radius (I live and work within 3 blocks so I don't often have to go very far) but I thought a trip to Nordstrom's was in order, especially since I could catch the tail end of their anniversary sale.  When I arrived at the mall and did my first lap around Nordstrom, I picked up one Equipment blouse.  Quite frankly that might have been the only thing I tried on until a very helpful sales person grabbed every equipment blouse they had in my size (oddly they were all over the store and not together in one place).  Needless to say, instead of buying one lovely Equipment blouse, I ended up with three, plus one Theory top and blazer.  Go figure...

J Crew necklaces, Celine bag, Hermes scarf

And here is one of my new purchases, the tomcat print chiffon Equipment blouse, worn with a Zara skirt. 


Shoe Mischief

You've all heard me prattle on about my fabulous shoe gal (Monica) at Saks here in Boston.  I've clearly got an uncurable shoe addiction and Monica is my dealer of choice.  I was in last weekend and bought two new pairs of fall shoes to be unveiled at a later date but she's tempting me yet again.  The Saks buyers are doing their jobs and getting fabulous shoes, Monica is doing her job by keeping me up to date and I do more than my fair share of helping spur the economy into action.  Here is what Monica is tempting me with today.

Glitter and animal print Miu Mius?  Oh my!!

The Pradas for fall are just TO DIE FOR.  They may not be for everyone but they are certainly for me.  I must admit that I've already purchased the red shoes to the left in the photo above but am dying over the boot version. Love the exaggerated button and the crazy shaped heel!



Zara top and blazer, Talbots skirt, See by Chloe shoes

When I bought this Talbots striped skirt in the spring, I don't think I realized how much I would wear it.  I love the stripes and how I can wear them with about anything from bright colors to florals.  This go around, I wore the skirt with a bright green Zara top and white Zara blazer.

Saami bracelets, Hermes bangle and scarf, Celine bag

When I was in Nantucket last week, we popped into Johnston Cashmere for a quick browse and I saw these cool leather bracelets.  They are handmade in Sweden by a company called Saami Crafts and I love the mix of silver and gold, leather and beads.