Pink and White (and a bit of Paris)

Shoshanna top, Kate Spade skirt, Pour la Victoire shoes

Today I must have really been exhausted because I slept in until almost 10AM.  While that might be normal for most, for me it is not.  I'm usually lucky to sleep until 7AM.  Anyway, on to the outfit.  I wore a white Shoshanna top, Kate Spade pink skirt and pink Pour la Victoire flats.

Chanel necklace and ring

I went today to see the new Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris which was super fun especially as my own Paris trip is quickly approaching.  The movie is typical Woody Allen and is a like a love letter to Paris, both present and past.  It takes you between Paris today and the bohemian Paris of the 20s when the likes of Fitgerald, Hemingway, Stein were all there.  And if you like that kind of thing, I recommend reading the Paris Wife which is also 1920s Paris centering mainly on Ernest Hemingway's life.  I'm most of the way through it and am thoroughly enjoying it.



More Vermont Eats

If you've been following along, you know that I was up in VT last weekend (post here).  Most of the weekend revolved around food so here was the fabulous lunch we had in Burlington at Church and Main.

Greek salad with grilled chicken

Mac n cheese with English peasCuban sandwichCheeseburger wtth bacon

Reuben sandwich

The weather was iffy but luckily it held out for us to have a lovely lunch outside at Church and Main.  Our waitress Francesca was bursting with personality and opinions.  I really like when someone who works at a restaurant gives an honest opinion instead of the regular "everything on the menu is great".  I don't think there was a disappointing bite at our table so it was the perfect way to wile away an afternoon.


Pattern Mix Inspiration

One of the reasons I love blogging so is that I find so much inspiration from other blogs.  Yesterday, in my daily dose of blog reading, I saw this photo.

Photo from bjones style

I've been thinking a lot lately about mixing patterns a bit but it can certainly be challenging.  Often what I try in my head doesn't always look like what I expected when I actually put it on.

DKNY top, Love Moschino belt, Talbots skirt, Jimmy Choo flats

I liked how bjonestyle mixed the floral and stripes and thought that I could try something similar with this Talbots striped skirt and DKNY floral top.

Kate Spade jacket, Cambridge Satchel Company bag, Aris Geldis necklace

Plus I was super excited to have received my Cambridge Satchel Company bag.  So how did I do?  Are you a pattern mixing pro?


Fashion Forward for Education

Tonight local Boston designer Denise Hajjar put on a fashion show to benefit Fashion Forward for Education at the Nahant Country Club.  It was a fantastic event and fashion show to benefit young women in pursuit of education and job training. Nahant is a darling beach town just north of Boston and the country club was lovely.

Elisha wearing Denise Hajjar

My dear friend Elisha Daniels was the emcee of the event.  This photo of her is in one of the charming changing rooms at the Nahant Country Club.

Reiss jacket, Ann Taylor skirt, Zara top

This table reminded me of a trivet I made with my grandmother's broken china.  I loved the aesthetic of this room and I just love the details of this table.

How adorable does Elisha look in her casual clothes after the event?

And here I am this morning so you can see more details of the daily getup.

Zara top, Ann Taylor skirt, Stuart Weitzman shoes, Balenciaga bag

After our trek back from Nahant we had a super fabulous dinner at one of my very favorite restuaurants in Boston called Erbaluce.  It's creative food made with fresh local ingredients and there's really no other restaurant like it in Boston.  It was a perfect end to a Thursday and a great way to ring in the fact that it's almost Friday.  TGIF all!



Sunday Supper - Weekend in Vermont

My Memorial Day weekend was spent mostly cooking, eating and drinking up at a friend's place outside of Stowe, Vermont.  There was a little bit of time for some shopping and pampering at the spa of course but right now I'm going to focus on our fabulous Sunday night dinner.  Being used to dealing with my tiny galley kitchen makes it an extra special treat to cook in a big kitchen with all the amenities.

We had a grand idea that we wanted to plan our dinner around drinking cheladas.  Now I'm no beer drinker, in fact up until a couple of month ago it had probably been years since I had any beer at all.  But I've discovered that I love a chelada which is a beer with a generous amount of lime juice served in a glass rimmed with salt.  We decided to make guacamole to start which was a challenge since the avocados were not as perfectly ripe as we would have liked.  But I learned something this weekend, you can store them in a brown paper bag with some apples and it helps to soften them up.

We marinated some chicken breasts and flank steak in salt, pepper, lime, garlic and olive oil for under an hour and then we grilled them.  When you marinate in a lot of citrus, you don't want to let it sit for too long as it cooks the food (like ceviche). 

We served it with cilantro lime rice and refried beans.  It was easy and delicious!