Paris Photo Diary Part 1

For those of you who aren't aware, for some reason or another, fate has kept me from visiting Paris on my last few attempts.  Well I FINALLY made it for a few days with my sister and we had a glorious trip of wandering the city, chatting up the locals, eating really good food and of course, doing a little bit of shopping.

On our first day, we wandered by this gorgeous display of flowers.  I love the small vases with just a flower or two floating in each which would be perfect to scatter about for a dinner party.

We happened upon this floral sculpture made of aluminum which I thought was so cool.  The artist is Andrea Salvetti and it's called Mazzoulin di Fiori.

How darling is the lobby of our hotel "Le Petit Hotel Paris"?  The hotel was lovely (though our room was tiny), the people who worked there so very helpful and I loved the "honor bar" they put out each night.  Thanks Lani for the recommendation.

I need one of these acrylic floating chairs for my apartment!

I just thought this colorful fruit stand looked so pretty.


Paris' love locks on the Pont des Arts make me think of all the hopeful romantics who affixed their locks here.


The Highs and Lows of Blogging

Darling readers and friends, I'm going to go a little off topic today.  I started this blog a year and a half ago as a creative outlet and as a way to express my love of fashion.  I certainly have a style that is all my own and love it or hate it, it is mine.  I've met so many lovely people both virtually and in person as a result of blogging and even after each long workday, I look forward to my daily dose of blogging both as a reader of other blogs and a contributor to my own.  But yesterday was the first time that blogging really brought me down.  Someone that I'm not going to name stole a whole slew of my photos (which by the way are copyrighted), posted them on her random facebook page with mean spirited commentary about how I look and what I wear.  Comments ranged from telling me I should wear spanx to the fact that they thought I look manly to making fun of my poses.

All I can say is this; it takes a lot of chutzpah to put myself out there every day.  I take my own photographs and if my pose or the look on my face isn't perfect, give me a break.  I'm just a person who is trying to express myself each day.  This person who stole my images didn't even have the balls to identify herself by name but instead put me on her random facebook "page".  I know putting myself out there means that sometimes people won't like how I look, what I wear or my style in general.  And sometimes people will comment with feedback to that end, but this was over the top, unnecessary and downright rude.   

At the end of the day, we are all people with real lives, real jobs, real families.  It is beyond me that a group of adult women who "like" this particular facebook page all took some kind of perverse pleasure in making fun of me.  It reminded me of high school mean girls and I thought that part of my life ended 25 years ago.

Thanks for putting up with my rant.  I'm just back from London and Paris so we'll be back to regularly scheduled posting tomorrow.




Best Little Restaurant - Chinatown

Last week I had the privilege of meeting up with a group of Boston Chowhounds for a delicious meal at Best Little Restaurant on Hudson Street in Chinatown.  I met this group of folks years ago and they have expanded my culinary horizons in so many ways, one of which is having introduced me years ago to this hole in the wall restaurant with authentic Cantonese food.

Always a favorite, we ordered the long bean and minced pork lettuce wraps and since we love them so much we ordered the minced turkey version as well. 

I had never had the squid with XO sauce before and it was quite good.  The squid was cooked tender and the XO sauce, which is a spicy sauce with dried seafood, is a very savory sauce with a deep umami flavor.

The garlic spare ribs were meaty, porky goodness at its best.

I'm always a fan of sauteed pea pod stems and this girl's got to have her green veggies!



Chanel jacket and flats, J Crew pants and sweater, Louis Vuitton bag, J Crew and Chanel necklaces

Today was my last day of work for almost a week and I had to go to a client conference.  It didn't dawn on me when I got dressed that I would be a beacon of orange light in a sea of brown, beige, navy and black.  I had decided to wear this pair of J Crew trousers that I've had for years with a J Crew cashmere sweater from this fall.  And I almost left it at that until I realized that this very 80s wide shouldered Chanel jacket was almost exactly the same orange as my sweater. 


Red Wide Leg Trousers

Zara jacket, DVF pants, Kate Spade top, Balenciaga bag, Hermes bangle, Zara shoes, J Crew necklace

I love these very wide leg DVF trousers in this deep brick red color.  They are super long and wide which gives them a lovely swing when walking.  I paired them with a little heart printed Kate Spade top and this tan Zara blazer which is just about seasonless.  I wore it all spring and summer and still find myself reaching for it often.