My Shoe Closet - the Colors

Here's the second post in my shoe closet series (first one here). 

These navy patent Chanel shoes floated about my dreams for quite some time.  I love the gold quilting on the heel and the criss cross straps at the front.  So imagine how lucky I felt when my shoe gal from Saks emailed to tell me about an upcoming sale and that these were actually included in the sale (it's rare that anything Chanel is ever part of the sales).  How could I not snap them up?

These gorgeous candy apple red Nicholas Kirkwoods were front and center when I got off the escalator at Barney's one fateful day.  Was I in the market for another red shoe?  Nope.  But the color and the shape sucked me in.

The marigold yellow suede of these YSL's is super fab for summer as is the gold flecked cork platform.  Are these easy to prance about town in?  No.  Does that matter?  No!

This is the quintessential Valentino shoe with the big bow and I love the pewter color.  It was another lucky score on sale at Saks thanks to my trusty shoe gal.

This pair of burgundy colored patent Miu Mius are fabulous on so many levels.  The platform, the bow, the curve of the heel. These are a new as of yet unworn addition to my shoe closet. 

So that's it for installment two of my shoe-mania.  Definitely stay tuned for more to come!


Hellooooo from Nantucket

The ladies and I hopped the first Cape Air flight Sunday morning from Boston to Nantucket.  As has been our first day tradition, we dropped our bags and headed straight to Arno's for breakfast.  Shortly thereafter, this was our view from Galley Beach.  Is this heaven, or what?

After a couple of hours on the beach, we dropped into the Galley for lunch.  My lobster roll was delicious!


The cobb salad looked so fresh and tasty.  

This was our gorgeous view from lunch and is what I call perfection.

When I headed out for the evening, I wore a Marc by Marc Jacobs eyelet dress, Miu Miu sandals and YSL clutch.  I'm just so happy to be here, on vacation with my great friends.  I coudn't ask for anything more at this moment. 


Patriotic Pants

Shoshanna top, RED Valentino pants, Louis Vuitton bag, Pour la Victoire sandals

I bought these RED Valentino pants early in the spring and plum forgot how much I love them.  The pattern's a bit crazy but that's never stopped me before.  The colors in the print seem patriotic with an added pop of pink.

Sequin Palm Beach necklace, Chanel ring, Hermes bangle

I've never been happier to see Friday which is even more of a thrill since I have most of next week off to be in Nantucket.  I'm planning to sit on the beach, have long boozy lunches, shop around town followed by afternoon cocktails, then dinner.  Then repeat the next day. 


Stars and Stripes

Zara shirt and blazer, RED Valentino pants, Louis Vuitton bag

Do I look as tired as I think I do?  There's been a subtle creep in my workdays of late as I prepare to take most of next week off.  The days have gone from 11-12 hour days to closer to 13-14 hours.  So at this point in the week, I've worked more in three days than most people do in a whole week.  But let's look on the bright side, shall we?  I'm off to Nantucket next week and it's just one of my favorite places on earth.  Please do a weather dance in the hopes that it stays warm and sunny. 

See by Chloe shoes

Now that my lamenting my crazy work schedule is over, let's talk about what's really important.  Working like a dog is one thing, but looking good while doing it is quite another!  Here I wore a navy and white star top from Zara (this year) with a striped Zara blazer from a few years ago.  I paired this with a bright orange pair of RED Valentino pants.

Sequin Palm Beach and Chanel necklaces, YSL ring and ?? bracelets



My Shoe Closet - The Nudes

I had a request from Rachael of When I've Arrived to do a post on my shoe closet.  Well this could take awhile, but here's post number one (of a yet undetermined number of posts). 

I keep most of my shoes in their boxes and lucky for me, my small apartment has high ceilings so I pile the shoe boxes up to the nether regions of my closet.

I can't believe I actually debated whether or not to buy these Miu Miu studded oxfords.  Yes the oxford is probably a bit of a trend but I've already gotten plenty of wear out of these.  The nude color is obviously versatile and I'm a sucker for all things bestudded.


I know, it's more studs, but oh how I love them!  I coveted these Valentino beauties from the moment I saw them and hunted them down.  For some, a shoe like this might not be an every day shoe, but for me, they definitely are. 

These python Miu Miu sandals were purchased on a total whim during a whirlwind shopping trip with Lani from Mon Petit Chou Chou.  It's always great to have a fellow blogger and shoe lover to cheer you on!

Jimmy Choo.  Nude patent.  Platform.  Need I say more?

On my search for the Jimmy Choos above, I found this pair of Fendi's on sale at Saks.  On sale!


A nude Marc by Marc Jacobs wedge with an ankle strap found on sale at Harvey Nick's in London was a no brainer.

Before I had ever seen Alexandre Birman anywhere else, I was seeing them at Bergdorf's.  I saw this pair on one NYC trip but didn't buy them and regretted it.  So on the next trip, lucky for me they still had my size.

So there you go, the first post of my shoe obsessed life.  Stay tuned for more...