Tuckered Out

Tucker blouse, Zara pants, Tory Burch sandals, Balenciaga bag

I love Tucker's playful prints and was thrilled when I saw Tucker on Gilt recently.  I had a credit so grabbing this smocked collar blouse was a no brainer for me.  And in true color loving style, I paired it with red Zara pants.

J Crew and Aris Geldis necklaces, Elisha Daniels bracelet, Michael Kors rose gold watch

The other thing that is so great about this blouse is that it's almost seasonless.  I'm wearing it now in the height of summer and can certainly envision wearing it into the fall.


Drive by the Beach

Today was one of those perfect days.  Clear blue sky.  No clouds.  Quintessential summer.  I got myself a zipcar and headed up to the North Shore.  It's been 15+ years since I drove a car every day and I hardly ever miss being behind the wheel.  But the one thing I do miss is jamming to the tunes and belting out a song at the top of my lungs.  Today's drive up to the beach was perfect and I cranked up my ipod to the likes of songs from Glee, Adele and Florence and the Machine.


My sister and I spent much of our formative years in Jupiter, Florida and the two of us, we have this thing.  Do you know those songs that really speak to you, make you feel something?  When we hear one of those songs, we keep driving.  We could be just about home, look at each other and say "drive by the beach?" and off we'd go belting out a tune together.  Today as I was cruising up the highway, Glee's version of When I Get You Alone came on and it brought me back to my Florida days sitting in my sister's old school red Saab and driving by the beach so as not to miss a second of a song we love.  I played that song at least three times today.

I ended up at Wingaersheek in Gloucester and sat at the beach for hours soaking in the sun (with 45 sunblock of course), flipping through my magazines and reading on my Kindle.  It was the perfect summer's day.


On the Bright Side

Equipment blouse, Current Elliott jeans, Jimmy Choo flats, Miu Miu bag

I dressed it down a bit for work today since I didn't have any meetings that required something fancier.  I got these bright pink Current Elliott jeans last weekend in NYC at Bloomingdales and thought about tempering them with a neutral but instead kicked up the color even more with a bright floral Equipment blouse and green Jimmy Choo flats.

J Crew and Chanel necklaces, Chanel ring



Sara Campbell dress, Zara blazer, J Crew sandals, Miu Miu bag

Another day, another 3 hour meeting that required me to gussy up.  I pulled this black and white Sara Campbell dress out of the back of my closet that I haven't worn in years.

J Crew and Chanel necklaces, Moschino belt, Hermes bangle

I always loved the print of the dress, the pique and the ruffles and I think I almost got rid of it in one of my many closet cleaning frenzies.  But I kept it and I was glad today that I did.  It had a plain black belt when I bought it but I added my own twist with a Moschino belt.  Plus I layered several necklaces; 2 from J Crew and one from Chanel.  I love how J Crew has so many fabulous necklaces that you can layer and layer together if you're of the pile it on mentality that I am.

Happy Thursday people.  I'm glad we're one day closer to Friday!


Red and Tan


Talbot's dress, Reiss blazer, Valentino shoes, Love Moschino belt

I was up at the crack this morning and to work by 6AM.  I'm utterly exhausted and sadly there is no end in sight (though there is a mini respite on the horizon for my upcoming trip to Nantucket).  I dressed to be comfortable in the heat but also to be appropriate for my 3+ hour meeting with more suit types.  I wore a tan Talbot's dress with my trusty white Reiss blazer, my favorite studded Valentino shoes and gave all the neutrals a bit of pop with a red Love Moschino belt.