Sunday Supper: Cooking with Barefoot in Boston

Hello dear blog readers, today I am thrilled to welcome Courtney from Barefoot in Boston.   She writes about all sorts of things from shopping to her travels but what I admire her for most is her skill in the kitchen.  I most always come away hungry after seeing what she's whipped up so consider this fair warning, I'm sure you will be starved after feasting your eyes on her latest culinary endeavors!

I was so thrilled when I got an email from Lissy asking if I would do a guest post on her blog while she was away in London/Paris. It was only fitting to post about a French dish. After flipping through several of my cookbooks I decided on Bouillabaisse. Bouillabaisse is a traditional Provençal fish stew and can have several variations. Side note: Saturday morning I was having breakfast, watching tv when I saw a commercial for Pier Fish, LLC. It is located at 10 New Market Sq, Boston. This place is unreal! It is basically a fish market in a warehouse and the best thing about this place…no middle man! The seafood comes directly from the fisherman to Pier Fish! We were also told that they get several shipments a day. We were able to get all this fresh seafood for under $30! That’s unheard of in Boston. Pier Fish is now my new fish market. Ok, back to the Bouillabaisse. I kept my version somewhat traditional, except I did not use mussels (BS is allergic) and I didn’t make my own fish stock (I think lobster stock is better anyway!) So here is my take on Bouillabaisse!

2 Lobsters (1.5 lbs) (I only used 1 in this recipe but everyone wants more lobster right?!)
1 pound of Cod, cut into 1 inch cubes
1 pound of Clams (I used cherrystones)
1 pound of Shrimp (cleaned & de-veined)
3 Carrots, chopped
2 Bay Leaves
1 Fennel bulb, sliced
3 Celery stalks, chopped
1 Onion, chopped
3 Garlic cloves, chopped
1 Teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes
1 Tablespoon of Saffron
3 Cans of Diced Tomatoes (make sure to get the kind that doesn’t have salt added)
1 Cup of White Wine
Salt, Pepper to taste

Here’s what I did:
I brought 8 cups (12 if you cook 2 lobsters) of water to a boil and drop the lobster (s) into the pot and secure with a lid (doesn’t sound like a lot to boil a lobster but this process is more steaming than boiling.) After 12 minutes remove the lobster and run under cold water. Remove all the meat from the lobster (put the lobster meat in the refrigerator) and throw the shells back into the “cooking water.” Bring to a boil. Traditionally, a fish stock is made for the base of the bouillabaisse but rather than gathering fish heads, bones etc., I decided a lobster stock would add a more decedent level of flavor. In a separate pot, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and sauté onion, garlic, carrots, celery & fennel. Once vegetables are soft, add saffron, pepper flakes, bay leaves, salt & pepper. Next, add the diced tomatoes, wine and strained lobster stock. Bring to a boil. Add cod. After 2 minutes add clams, after 4 minutes add shrimp, after 1 minute add lobster. Ladle into a bowl and serve with crusty bread. Bon appetit!


More Summer Brights

H&M coat, Chetta B dress, Jimmy Choo shoes

This past Saturday I was heading out to celebrate an early birthday for a friend and an early farewell to her as well.  She's moving to Colorado in very early July and with our travel schedules, this was our chance to have a night out.  Despite the cold and rain (isn't it June??) I wanted to be bright and sunny so I wore this orange and pink dress that I got years ago on sale at Neimans.

Elisha Daniels necklace and flower, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutchI covered it up with a coat from H&M (another gem that I got years ago) and making bright even brighter I wore a giant hot pink flower.

We had a lovely evening first nestled on the cozy couches at the Bristol Lounge and then headed to dinner at Via Matta.  We celebrated the upcoming birthday and toasted her new life in Colorado but it was a bittersweet evening.    


London Essentials (care of Style on the couch)

If there is one thing blogging has given me other than the satisfaction of having a creative outlet, it's that I've gotten to know so many lovely people both in the virtual and real worlds.  So it is my pleasure to welcome today's guest post from Style on the Couch.  It's only appropriate that she introduce both you, my dear blog readers, and me to her favorite London shops since I'll be off gallivanting there by the time you read this.  So without further adieu, here she is.

I’m a little Brit having an adventure in The Big Apple but when it comes to talking about London I’m right at home.  With A Girl In Boston’s forthcoming trip to the UK on the horizon, I put my thinking cap on (Sherlock Holmes style) to gather together my favourite London things to see and do:


 1. The White Company, 90 Marylebone High Street, W1U 4QZ

The philosophy of The White Company is to create quality clothing and items for the home at affordable prices.  Their loungewear range is my favourite, offering “basic” tops and trousers (I cannot say pants, since I am writing an article about all things English here today) that really last.  They have some gorgeous swimwear in store right now, like this ruched one piece with a spot design.  Service in the Marylebone boutique is always exceptional and the shop is filled with their noteworthy scents too.

White Company top
2. Liberty Department Store, Great Marlborough Street, W1B 5AH

Liberty London is a fantastic gem of a store.  The building itself is magnificent – a Tudor mansion created to give the customer the feeling of walking around in their own home.  Since my home holds no such luxuries I always have to visit the store for it and you can spend a good amount of time here browsing through the racks of designer clothing, exquisite lingerie and beauty products.  If you have time, do visit the Liberty Print Shop to snaffle a memento of your visit.

Liberty London3. Hampstead Antiques Emporium, 12 Heath Street, NW3 6TE

This emporium in Hampstead, north London, has some amazing vintage jewelry stalls.  I often buy gifts from here for friends and family, since I enjoyed browsing so much and it was close to my home in London.  Great finds can be a bit hit and miss, but Hampstead itself if worth a visit for a walk around the Heath (Liberty London Girl is always taking Posetta for walk here and talking about it) and  Kenwood House where you can also visit for their open air concerts in the summer months (take a picnic; table and candelabra optional but I have seen it happen here, as we Brits like to make an occasion of these such events!)


Hampstead Antiques Emporium
4. Borough Market, SE1

Borough Market is the ultimate foodie destination in London.  Open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (with the serious and sensible shopper visiting between 8 and 10am for the best picks) this place has THE best cheeses and artisan goods.  You might even run into a celeb or two, I’ve seen Gwyneth Paltrow here a few times…

Borough Market
Travel essentials: There is only ONE for London. Trust me.

1.    Umbrella.  I certainly do not miss the grey and wet weather back home.  It is THE travel essential: Umbrella.  Make like Mary Poppins and find a fabulous umbrella at James Smith & Sons.



Lissy I hope you have a fabulous time in London and I hope you’ll share your adventures with us, plus any purchases made, when you return! StyleOnTheCouch xx


In My Shoes

Hello from afar darling blog readers. I am off on a jaunt to London and Paris to visit family, take in some sights and do some shopping damage.  I've got a few fabulous blogger friends to fill my shoes whilst I'm away, the first of which is the gorgeous Lani from Mon Petit Chou Chou. She's just back from her own Parisian ventures so check them out here. Without further adieu, here's Lani....

I have always admired Lissy's use of color. She is bold, takes no prisoners, and wears her signature brights to the office as well as out and about on the town.

I decided to break with my normal hum drum office routine and take a page out of Lissy's color palette by wearing these hot pink Zara pants to work! The more I read through her blog, the more I see we share between wardrobes! She is an endless resource for ideas on remixing the items I own, and the items we own in common. We both share a soft spot for Zara's on trend pieces, so it should come as no surprise that is where we overlap the most.

Lani in pink Zara pantsLissy in pink Zara pants

I upped the "Girl in Boston" quota by pairing the hot pink pants with my camel Zara jacket, another superb find I know we both share. This jacket is fitted, goes with everything, is a fabulous weight, and has just the right amount of sass with the shoulder pads. One of my favourites!! I am going to totally steal Lissy's idea and put a broach on it next time I head out.

 Lani in Zara camel coat


 Lissy in Zara camel coat

My co-workers were all digging my new daytime look. What do you think? Would you try some of these brights in the office? I'll definitely be doing it again!

A beintot!




Neutral and Neon

If you know me, I'm way more neon than I am neutral.  But I'm always up for a fashion challenge so for the latest Bloggers Do It Better neon/neutral challenge, I figured I could try to swing it.

Zara dress, Cambridge Satchel Company bag, Chanel necklaceThrowing on my fluorescent pink Cambridge Satchel Company bag was a no brainer but what should I pair it with remained the question.  So I pulled out this neutral beige Zara dress and my fave Miu Miu studded oxfords. 

H&M trench cape, Elisha Daniels scarf, Miu Miu oxfordsMy goal this day was to get my nails done (gels since I'll be traveling) and to get a much needed cut and color (which explains the ponytail).  Plus it was cold and rainy so I needed something to cover up and the trusty H&M trench cape was the perfect item for that.