Feeling Fall

Zara blazer and jeans, Talbots top, Miu Miu bag

Today was another like yesterday where it looked like summer but kind of felt like fall.  Unlike yesterday, I went with the fall feeling when I got dressed this morning.  I wore a Talbots leaopard top, Zara tan jeans and Zara blazer. 

Chanel flats, J Crew and Chanel necklaces, Hermes bangle

While I love summer, the transitional seasons are really my favorites.  Spring has that feeling of hope that comes after suffering a long New England winter but fall has a sense of newness that I always look forward to.  Plus fall clothes are my favorites.  Give me lots of blazers, clothes with a bit more structure and loads of fun outerwear anyday!



Kate Spade skirt and top, Talbots jacket, Balenciaga bag

After our friend Irene has come and gone, Boston was left with bright blue and sunny skies yet a wee fall-ish chill in the air.  This day, I dressed for the sunny skies and not the fall-ish feel with a bright yellow Kate Spade skirt paired with a tweedy Talbots jacket.

Valentino shoes, Stanley Hagler necklace via Skinner


Currently Craving - Cheetah, Capes and Color

I know, I should be relishing every second of summer that's left.  While I do enjoy and appreciate every warm sunny day, I'm finding myself craving fall wardrobe staples.

I love some animal print and these two coats are fabulous!  The DKNY version is more of a wish list item but the faux version from By Malene Birger is more in the realm of reality for my wallet.

I'm glad to see that the cape made it from last fall to this fall.  It's so easy to wear with a dress or with jeans.  I'm loving DKNY's color blocked version but you certainly can't go wrong with D Squared's version in basic black.

No matter what the season, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't have some color on my list.  I love the bright blue of the Rag and Bone jacket and this By Malene Birger dress is currently in my shopbop virtual shopping cart waiting for me to bring it home.


Dress for Success Fashion Show


Denise Hajjar's 2011 Fall Fashion Show

Benefiting Dress for Success Boston


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

6:00pm - Oval Room

Tickets - $50 


(business appropriate jewelry and handbag donations will be accepted at the event)


For more information and to purchase tickets, click here


I've got the blues...

Friday started on a good note.  I was packed and ready to go to NYC for the weekend not only to see my sis who lives there, but also my mother who was coming up from Florida.  Knowing I would be in my freezing office and then on to the usually quite cold Amtrak Acela, I wore blue jeans for the first time in ages.

Equipment blouse, J Brand jeans

Plus I covered up with one of my favorite Zara blazers.  And speaking of Zara blazers, you've likely seen the multitude of summer blazers I have from Zara.  After a lap in my local Zara they also have many fall versions so I recommend checking them it if that's your thing.

Zara blazer, Miu Miu bag, Valentino shoes, J Crew necklace

But sadly, Hurricane Irene put a damper on my weekend plans.  My suitcase and I ended up rolling ourselves home from work Friday with no NYC trip on the weekend agenda and with my mother staying in Florida.  In the grand scheme of things this was not the end of the world but suffice it to say, I had a bit of the blues this weekend.