Shoes and Principles

If there are two things that I have in abundance, they are shoes and principles.  But what happens when the two disagree?  My recent People Style Watch had a discount code for Pour La Victoire and since I really like their shoes (evidenced here, here, here and here) I decided to buy another pair.  I was so excited for these olive green booties for fall.  I have been envisioning them with so many things; skirts, jeans, wide leg pants.  They would be the perfect transition shoe.  But imagine my disappointment when I saw these very same shoes, one day after I bought them, on Gilt for less than half what I paid.  The same thing happened to me this past spring with a Catherine Malandrino top that showed up on Rue La La two days after I bought it for a third of the price.  But at least Catherine Malandrino made it right and credited me back the difference in price.  Pour La Victoire was interested in doing no such thing.  I think it's extremely poor practice to sell something at full price (or very close to it) that you will have at a deep discount via the likes of Gilt or Rue La La without adjusting the price that your customer paid if it is brought to your attention.  The discounted shoes on Gilt are not available in my size so here's the dilemma.  Do I keep the shoes because I love them despite not being happy with Pour La Victoire as a company?  Or do I send them back and stand behind my principles?  What say you blog reader?


Last of the Whites

Reiss blazer, Ann Taylor pants, Ann Taylor Loft top, Celine bag, Hermes scarf

It's such a shame that in the prime of summer, I start slowly veering to fall when it comes to what I wear.  I remember wearing white pants long before Memorial Day.  Now that Labor Day is just about upon us, I took the chance to wear this white Zara blazer for what I imagine will be one of the last times in awhile.

Miu Miu shoes

These shoes are due their own photo since I think they are so fabulous.  My sister and friend sent me a picture of them a few months ago goading me to get them as they are perfect!  So I obliged and my trusty shoe gal from Saks tracked them down and ordered them for me. 


J Crew necklaces

Happy long weekend to everyone.  Sadly I will have to work in Monday but I'm still thrilled that Friday is upon us!


Feeling Fall

Zara blazer and jeans, Talbots top, Miu Miu bag

Today was another like yesterday where it looked like summer but kind of felt like fall.  Unlike yesterday, I went with the fall feeling when I got dressed this morning.  I wore a Talbots leaopard top, Zara tan jeans and Zara blazer. 

Chanel flats, J Crew and Chanel necklaces, Hermes bangle

While I love summer, the transitional seasons are really my favorites.  Spring has that feeling of hope that comes after suffering a long New England winter but fall has a sense of newness that I always look forward to.  Plus fall clothes are my favorites.  Give me lots of blazers, clothes with a bit more structure and loads of fun outerwear anyday!



Kate Spade skirt and top, Talbots jacket, Balenciaga bag

After our friend Irene has come and gone, Boston was left with bright blue and sunny skies yet a wee fall-ish chill in the air.  This day, I dressed for the sunny skies and not the fall-ish feel with a bright yellow Kate Spade skirt paired with a tweedy Talbots jacket.

Valentino shoes, Stanley Hagler necklace via Skinner


Currently Craving - Cheetah, Capes and Color

I know, I should be relishing every second of summer that's left.  While I do enjoy and appreciate every warm sunny day, I'm finding myself craving fall wardrobe staples.

I love some animal print and these two coats are fabulous!  The DKNY version is more of a wish list item but the faux version from By Malene Birger is more in the realm of reality for my wallet.

I'm glad to see that the cape made it from last fall to this fall.  It's so easy to wear with a dress or with jeans.  I'm loving DKNY's color blocked version but you certainly can't go wrong with D Squared's version in basic black.

No matter what the season, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't have some color on my list.  I love the bright blue of the Rag and Bone jacket and this By Malene Birger dress is currently in my shopbop virtual shopping cart waiting for me to bring it home.