Outfit details: Elene Cassis dress (similar here), J. Crew cardigan, Stuart Weitzman boots, Stella McCartney bag, Chanel necklace, Hermes bangle, Louis Vuitton ring

Oh how I love boucle' and anything Chanel inspired.  I bought this Elene Cassis dress a couple of months ago on sale at Neiman Marcus and it's just my style.  It's the perfect mix of professional for work but still fun enough to wear out in the evening. 


Sunday Supper - 'balls

Pasta and meatballs are comfort foods for the Italian-American in me and making them is just second nature; no recipe required.  But I do love a cookbook for inspiration and this one, The Meatball Shop Cookbook, has loads of great ideas.  I can't wait to try the spicy pork meatballs or the mini buffalo chicken balls but this time, I stuck to the classic beef meatballs.  While I didn't follow the recipe to the letter (that's just not how I cook) I did take a couple of ideas to change up my normal 'balls.  I always use lots of pecorino romano cheese but The Meatball Shop uses ricotta instead.  This go 'round, I used both.

I mixed together the following: 

2 lbs ground beef, 2 eggs, 1 cup part skim ricotta, 1/2 cup seasoned bread crumbs, a pinch or two of red chili flakes, about a palm full of grated pecorino romano cheese

I formed 15 meatballs about 1 1/2 inches each.   A little tip I use when making meatballs, meatloaf, burgers or the like is that I fry up a small portion to taste to make sure the seasoning doesn't need to be adjusted.

Normally I fry my meatballs in a pan and then braise them in tomato sauce but this time I roasted them in the oven.  I packed them tightly (recommended in the book) in a baking dish that was coated with olive oil and cooked them at 450 F for about 25 minutes.

I served them with whole wheat pasta, fresh made tomato sauce and some broccoli since I've got to have my greens!

I liked how the 'balls came out and I think the ricotta kept them more moist than usual.  Plus roasting them instead of pan frying them was easier and less mess to clean up. 


Caped Crusader

Outfit details: DKNY cape (sequin version here), BCBG faux leather leggings (similar here or here), Moschino belt, Mulberry booties, Lady Dior bag (similar here), Hermes bangle, pearl necklaces from Elisha's shop, maltese cross broach (pinned to the necklaces) a birthday gift from the ladies

The DKNY cape is my new favorite thing.  I wore it last week (here) with the J.Crew pixie pant and then wore it again Sunday night.  But this time it was a bit more edgy with BCBG faux leather leggings and royal blue Mulberry postman's lock booties (from last year).  Also I love how the cape can be worn loose (like last week) or as I wore it belted here.





Outfit details: Current/Eliot cheetah jeans, Ann Taylor chambray top (similar here), Cole Haan boots, Stella McCartney bag, Baublebar necklace and bracelets.

Having an extra day of the weekend gives the right amount of time to laze about.  This Saturday was especially lazy.  My sis and brother in law always refer to Saturday at Caturday since their cat Oscar takes full advantage of having them home and trapping them in his lazy, catlike ways.  In an homage to Oscar the cat and Caturday, I wore my Current/Elliot wildcat jeans for the short jaunts out and about to actually get something done. Below is Oscar the cat in all of his lazy glory.



Pink Pop

Outfit details: Ann Taylor sweater and long sleeve t-shirt, J Crew pencil skirt, Stuart Weitzman boots (similar here), Miu Miu bag, Chanel pin, Hermes bangle and scarf, YSL rouge pur (#49 tropical pink) lipstick

It was rainy and gross today; the kind of day that puts me in a funk.  But I somehow managed to fight the urge to throw on leggings and a black sweater dress instead opting for this fab and cozy Ann Taylor sweater that my sis gave me for Christmas with a bright pink J. Crew pencil skirt.  But the pink that I really love is this bright pink YSL lipstick that I hemmed and hawed over buying.  I initially thought I would like it in the summer when I had a bit of a tan but I'm finding that I like how it just brightens up a dreary winter's day.