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Stripes and Retail Therapy

 Outfit details: J Crew blouse (here or similar Equipment version here), J Crew pixie pants (here), Stuart Weitzman shoes (get them here), Miu Miu bag, Milly jacket, Chanel, J Crew and Ann Taylor necklaces

I know, I'm a poster child for J Crew but latetly there is almost nothing in that store that I don't love.  I had a boatload of stuff in my virtual shopping cart and after a rough day yesterday, I left work at a relatively reasonable hour and hit J Crew to check out their wares in person.  I left with this striped silk blouse that I paired with the J Crew pixie pants that I already had.  Ummm, and I should add that I also pulled the trigger on the stuff in my online cart since the online shop had lots more than what they had in person.



 Outfit details: J Crew cafe capris, Ann Taylor chambray top, Talbots sweater, Stuart Weitzman booties (very old), Chanel necklace, Noir cuff (via Gilt)

Another day, another pair of J Crew cafe capris.  The color and texture make this one of my favorite pair of trousers.  I had initially thrown this top and sweater on with jeans and since I wasn't feeling it, I pulled the trousers out of the closet and they pair perfectly with the olive color of the sweater.


J Crew Faves

Outfit details: J Crew cafe capris and sweater, Nine West booties (very old), pearls from a NYC street vendor, Chanel pin, Hermes bangle, scarf and belt, Miu Miu bag

Another day, another few J Crew items in my daily outfit.  I'm still loving the cafe capris and have a few pairs in the spring colors in my virtual shopping cart.  And while I do like the length, I'm going to try the long this go around.  I'm 5'9" and I think I'd like these a little closer to ankle length but I'll give you the full report when I finally pull the trigger on my overflowing virtual shopping cart.

On another note, what do you think of my hair today?  I kind of like it and interestingly enough, I did absolutely nothing to it.  No hair products, no blow drying.  Hmm, maybe I'm on to something.


Sunday Supper - Chicken Piccata, Mushroom Pappardelle (& what's really important)


When I had groceries delivered this weekend, I ordered chicken breasts with the idea that I would make chicken piccata.  I also got some baby bella mushrooms not really intending to do anything other than put them in salads.  As I was pondering what to make with the chicken, I thought why not use the mushrooms with a package of good dried pappardelle that I had on hand.  You know by now that I don't follow recipes exactly, but here are the recipes that I used for my inspiration (chicken piccata and mushroom pappardelle).  I used white wine and no chicken broth in my piccata and in my pasta I skipped the garlic and used only one kind of mushrooms.  It was really a delicious meal and simple to prepare.

On another note, a couple of things have been bothering me this weekend.  Usually I keep my more personal stuff to myself but today, I feel like putting it out there might make me feel better so here goes...

Saturday morning as I was finishing my workout, I went to my locker to get my stuff and my password wouldn't open my lock.  Many people have the same black, non-descript lock that I do and I thought that I must have grabbed the wrong one the last time I had packed up my stuff.  Someone that works at the gym came and clipped the lock off for me and imagine my horror when I saw that it wasn't my locker after all.  In the end, I figured out where my stuff was, bought a new lock for the person whose lock I had clipped and shrunk out of the gym feeling foolish.  It's bothered me all weekend even though I know that it's kind of funny and really no big deal. 

The other thing that's bothering me is that for the last few months I've had a wee health issue that is manifesting itself in my vision in one eye.  Some days vision is blurry, some days colors look off and occasionally I have headaches on one side of my head.  I've had several doctor's appointments and have another one this week.  It's a bit scary trying to take it all in myself but I'm lucky enough to have an amazing family and network of friends who support me near and far.  My mom flew up from Florida for my last doctor's appointment, my friend is driving down from Vermont this week for the next appointment (another friend was going to fly up from New York if she couldn't make it) and my sis is coming for my next appointment.  It goes to show how lucky I am to have the most caring and generous family and friends one could ask for and reminds me of what is really important in life. 

Thanks for humoring me if you've gotten this far.  I do feel better for having put it all out there.


Jumping Ahead

In the world of fashion, we are always living at least a season ahead.  It's at this point that all the spring fashion cravings begin.  Somehow last night in my internet wanderings, I found myself looking WAY ahead to fall.  Here are a few of my faves.

I love DVF for the bright colors (of course) and the whimsical prints and details.  I like the mix of the texture of the sweater jacket with the studded belt

The color and drop waist are darling and the dress is just seasonless.

This may be on my must have list.  I love the orange and blue houndstooth and the swing shape of the jacket totally suits me.  I can picture wearing it with trousers or jeans as well.

My next picks are from Celine and while its minimalist aesthetic is the antithesis of DVF's, it is equally appealing.

I really love the play on textures here especially the leather detail at the waist. 

I really like the shape of the sleeve on this dress and it's the kind of dress that one could wear all the time.

All photos

And again, there is more play on texture and shape.  I especially like the exaggerated peplum on the top and the long length of the trousers.

Well there you have it, my fall wish list already.  What are you wishing for?

Happy Friday!