Outfit details: Tara Jarmon dress (similar here and here), RED Valentino coat (darling red coat here), Talbot's cardigan, Jimmy Choo booties, Stella McCartney bag (get it here), Chanel and Coach necklaces, Hermes bangle

You might remember my posting last year (here) about Boston's Hot Pink Party which is held annually to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  The BCRF is a charity near and dear to my heart since one of my dearest friends is a breast cancer survivor after having been diagnosed on the eve of her 40th birthday.  Last year's Hot Pink Party raised over $1 million towards breast cancer research and over 90 cents of every dollar actually funds research.  This year's party is on May 17 at Boston's Intercontinental Hotel and you can buy tickets or donate to the BCRF here.

As for the outfit, I'm on the host committee for the event and wore this to our first meeting.  I figured the pink coat by RED Valentino was the perfect item to don for such an event.


Weekend Tidbits: Gucci Tornado

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days.  I took a much needed break, but I'm back!

Gorgeous flowers sent by a dear and thoughtful friend which were the perfect pick me up just when I needed it.  Another very thoughtful friend sent along a bottle of Veuve Cliquot which I was remiss in not photographing.

A perfect cherry red Celine luggage tote purchased not by me for a change, but rather my sister.

One person I know calls me the Gucci Tornado.  I'd really be more aptly named the Chanel Tornado but you get the point right?  As we wandered around Saturday we came across this Gucci Fiat 500.  If I were to own a car, this could be right up my alley.  Perfectly small to drive Boston's streets, the right amount of Gucci branding and then I could really be the Gucci Tornado!



Outfit details: J Crew blazer (old but similar here and here), J Crew cafe capris, Zara t-shirt, Nine West patent booties (old), Celine luggage tote, Hermes bangle and scarf

As I was performing some closet excavation recently, I found this old J Crew schoolboy blazer.  When I got dressed this morning I thought I would wear it since (I hope) as the winter gets closer to its end, there's only so much time left for such a warm and thick blazer.  I paired it with a pair of the J Crew cafe capris and a striped t-shirt from Zara.


Sunday Supper - One Dish Chicken, Potatoes and Green Beans

This past Sunday I decided to make this recipe from Real Simple for dinner because it looked healthy, tasty and easy to make.  It was certainly easy to prepare as it required very little active cooking time and the chicken was tasty but I did have a few issues.  First, I thought the green beans ended up tasting and looking like what I might have ended up with had I used frozen or canned green beans.  I much prefer to quickly cook them in salted water where they come out bright, crisp and tasty.  I ended up taking the potatoes out and cooking them in a separate baking dish for the last ten minutes because they weren't getting crisp enough with all the juices from the lemons and chicken.  The chicken came out perfectly tasty with nice crisp skin.  Would I make this again?  Probably not. 

On a somewhat unrelated note, I watched Forks over Knives this weekend.  If you haven't heard of it, which I hadn't until my mom told me about it, here's the quick synopsis.  It's a documentary that makes the claim that much of this country's health problems come from our diets and that a plant-centric, whole foods diet can prevent or even reverse many degenerative diseases.  I found it very enlightening and while I can't ever imagine giving up meat and foods produced from animals (no cheese, no way!) this movie has made me think harder about what I'm putting into my body.  OK, so there's my side rant.




Outfit details: H&M sweater, Equipment blouse (get it here), J Brand coated jeans (get them here), Dolce Vita booties (get them here), Proenza Schouler PS11 bag 

Saturday we were supposed to have gotten snow but what we got was just a wee flurry or two.  I dressed for the cold weather and gave myself a pop of spring with a bright fluoro Proenza Schouler PS11 bag for my day's errands.