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Sunday Supper- Eggplant Parm (and a dose of sibling rivalry)

Last weekend I was in NYC with my sis and we decided Saturday night to cook in instead of going out.  Since she gave up meat for Lent and I'm trying to limit my meat intake, we decided to make eggplant parmigiana.  My sis and I are alike in multitudes of ways but in our eggplant we differ.  She likes to bread hers and I don't bread mine. 

She painstakingly breaded each sliver of eggplant (flour, egg wash, bread crumbs) and then fried them in olive oil.  I sliced mine then roasted them in the oven with olive oil and that was it.

We use provolone for the main cheese with a sprinkling of grated pecorino romano.  We assembled the casserole with layers of fresh made tomato sauce, eggplant, cheese, repeat.

We also made delicious garlicky cheese bread.

Both versions of the eggplant were delicious.  My sis's breaded eggplant was delicious on its own as well as in the eggplant parm though I still prefer the non breaded version.  One of my favorite things about eggplant is its silky quality which is more obvious when it's not breaded. 


Dark Navy/Neon Pop

Outfit details: H&M sweater, Equipment blouse (similar here), Elisha Daniels necklace, Saks boots, Proenza Schouler bag

February is over and we got lots of rain and some snow yesterday.  Such weather doesn't make for being able to wear what I really want.  This H&M sweater (that I've worn over and over again in both navy and camel) was the perfect antidote for the bad weather blues.  It's cozy but still stylish and I paired it with skinny jeans and motorcycle boots.  To counteract the monochrome navy I added my fluoro Proenza Schouler cross body bag.  Happy happy Friday!



Outfit details: J Crew jacket (old but cute red Rebecca Minkoff one here) and pencil skirt, Zara striped top, Jimmy Choo booties, Tiziana handbag, Chanel necklace, Hermes bangle, Elisha Daniels pin

I broke out of the winter rut, despite the snow, with a favorite bright orange pencil skirt and an even brigher orange bag.  What can I say?  I like all shades of orange and color perks me up!


Bright Pink + Camel

Outfit details: Kate Spade jacket (old but similar here and here), J Crew turtleneck, Joe's jeans (similar here), Stuart Weitzman shoes (get them here), Celine bag, Elisha Daniels necklace

I love this camel tweed Kate Spade jacket with bright pink edging and it's sad that I've neglected it all winter.  It was perfect layered over a cashmere J Crew turtleneck and then topped with my Rachel Zoe cape that I've gotten more wear out of than I would ever have imagined.  I'm sure that's in part due to the lovely mild winter we've had so far (with snow predicted for today).  But can you believe it's the end of February already?!


Monday, Monday

Outfit details: J Crew sweater (similar here) and pixie pants, Ann Taylor chambray top (similar here), Hermes scarf and bracelet, Chanel and Coach necklaces, Zara shoes, Celine luggage tote

Oh, I made it through Monday and the Monday blahs.  I'm dreaming of upcoming travels to Charleston next month (remember my last trip here?) and of sitting on a beach and doing nothing for a few days in Puerto Rico in April.