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Weekend Tidbits - 15 July 2017

Oh hello little ole blog, it's certainly been awhile!  I've been spending my time over on my Youtube channel and this space has been oh so neglected.  But here I am, attempting to bring it back to life!  For my first post back, I thought we could chat about what I'm doing, watching, reading and all that good stuff.  So here goes.  

This weekend, I started watching the Netflix series The Gypsy which stars Naomi Watts.  The Gypsy is billed as a "psychological thriller" in which Naomi Watts plays a therapist who injects herself into the lives of her patients. The reviews I've seen written are lukewarm. I'm two episodes in and like it enough to keep going. 

I recently finished reading The Futures by Anna Pitoniak.  This was a first novel about a young couple, Julia and Evan, who moves to New York City after college.  Pre-2008 market crash, Evan lands a job at a prestigious hedge fund where he was involved in some not so above board deals while Julia toils away as an assistant at a charitable foundation. The book is told from the perspective of both of them and I found it a very entertaining read. 

Gucci metallic sneakers

Gucci floral sneakers

I know I'm way late to the sneaker game, but I finally succumbed and bought not one, but two pairs of luxury sneakers. I'm in the midst of a summer off, the first time in my life that I've taken extended time off from working (more on that in this video), and the combination of summer clothes plus a more casual lifestyle made me take the plunge. So far, I've been wearing the floral pair constantly and know I'll get a ton of use from the metallic ones come fall.

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Great to hear back from you - hope you are having a great summer!

08.2.2017 | Unregistered CommenterHolly

I do love your YouTube channel but it's great to read your blog posts as well! Hope you'll keep updating your blog! Welcome back!

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