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Video Diary :: New in from Chanel (a bag), Block Island Organics, Haircare, OOTD 



Hope you had a great weekend!
Links to mentions in the video:
Block Island Organics moisturizer   Use code "alyssa" for 20% off from Dec 7-13
Chanel nail polish no longer in stock but similar here and here 
I'm wearing 



Reader Comments (2)

I love your style! You're so detail oriented and would be a great shopping guru to go with. Keep on blogging.

01.16.2016 | Unregistered CommenterOpal

I know this is an older vid but I just loved it so I wanted to comment as one of your subscribers. I love your greys and whites in this one. I love changing it up in winter as you do, (Winter is so dull otherwise). The ensemble just rocks. We are alike in fashion tastes although I don't have the budget for it, in spite of working all my life...you have a great coat and wrap collection, and I just admire your sense of flare and style. Glad you are loving your Chanel tote. I find them overall heavy as I am aging, and I am looking for lighter, but you can't beat the chic style that only Chanel offers. Also love the Chanel jewelry you wear, you get so much use from them. On metals, you mix your metals, don't you? I've never been able to do that. My sister does too, so I am starting to approach that but need the right watch. Keep them coming! TTFN! c xx

07.17.2016 | Unregistered CommenterCheryl

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