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Charleston Getaway :: The (not so) Ordinary

I love Charleston for lots of reasons. The beautiful architecture, the genteel locals, the lovely beaches. But most of all, I love Charleston for its food.  It's a city with quite a few James Beard award winning chefs and lots and lots of restaurants. But there are a few spots that even with all the competition, I frequent each time I'm there. Relatively new on the scene in Charleston is The Ordinary which is located in an old bank on Upper King Street, a bit more up and coming area in Charleston. 

We bellied up at the bar and started with some cocktails. This is one of those places where the bartenders take their cocktail craft seriously and I loved the echo echo (gin, falernum and chartreuse).

We shared a bunch of food and I can honestly say that everything was utterly fantastic. My must haves are oysters (I was surprised that I liked the local caper's blades better than oysters from my native New England), the heirloom tomato salad and the smoked fish paté. We also had the white shrimp hushpuppies and crab toast, which we also enjoyed. 

They might call this place The Ordinary but in my humble opinion, it's anything but. If you find yourself in Charleston, I highly recommend checking it out.

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