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The Maniac

For quite some time I've had my eye on these Brian Atwood Maniac pumps.  Six inch heels, one and a half inch platform....they are fierce!  First I thought I wanted them in nude but now as we get closer to fall I'm thinking black.  Do I have a death wish?  How high is too high?  And don't forget on top of teetering around on very high heels, I have Boston's brick and cobblestone sidewalks to navigate.  Death wish?  Maybe.  But at least I'll look good dying!

This past weekend I visited one of my very favorite people...Monica who works at Saks and sells me most of my shoes.  She had a pair of the uber-fantastical Atwoods.  I tried them on and they really didn't seem THAT high or treacherous.  However she also had several other similar pairs of shoes awaiting my arrival.  I ended up with these Louboutins.  Not quite as crazy as the maniac, but with 5 inch heels, not quite tame either. 

Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump in black patent calf

Reader Comments (3)

Is there a better way to die than at the hands (or rather feet) of Brian Atwood? Imagine the obit?! Thanks for the link. I'll do the same.

08.4.2010 | Unregistered CommenterNoelani

PS, I am Mon Petit Chou Chou! www.mpchouchou.com

08.4.2010 | Unregistered CommenterNoelani

I enjoy your blog!

08.10.2010 | Unregistered CommenterLissy

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